Regulatory Hurdles Transformed into Opportunities at a Major Bank
with Forward-Looking Data Assessment and Management Blueprint
The client
The client was the US division of a major global bank. They asked Delv to help them expand their data capabilities to address their regulatory reporting burden and a demand for strategic insights to inform their growth.
What were the problems?
The client had been operating in a heavily siloed manner that negatively impacted their ability to develop a forward-looking strategy and limited their data infrastructure. At the same time, slow manual processes siphoned off time and talent within the organization.

Siloed operations were reducing the client's ability to develop a forward-looking strategy.
Limited data infrastructure impeded the implementation of new regulatory requirements.
Time and talent wasted on manual processes, increasing costs and risk, and slowing organizational growth.
The client's recent implementation of an Intermediate Holding Company, as mandated by the Enhanced Prudential Standards under Dodd-Frank Regulation YY, had magnified the impact of these unsustainable internal processes.
Delv had previously owned design, analysis, and project management for several major streams to comply with Regulation YY.

Based on the expertise and results Delv had demonstrated in those deliveries, the client asked Delv to perform an initial assessment of the current state of the data capabilities in the region. Following the assessment's findings, Delv would make recommendations for a strategic data infrastructure and high-level road map for delivery.
The approach
Delv began by designing and administering a custom assessment that captured issues, risks, and in-flight solutions in the current data environment across all functional groups, with particular focus on finance, risk, and regulatory reporting, given their need for data aggregation.

Data availability, timeliness, completeness, and accuracy were the most important considerations in the assessment. Based on the findings, as well as Delv's existing in-depth knowledge of the client's data architecture and platforms, Delv made recommendations for a future state business process and data architecture.

They also outlined a conceptual technology architecture that would meet the bank's requirements and align it more closely with industry and data best practices.
Design and administer a custom assessment of pain points and potential risks of the current data environment.
Emphasize core data considerations of availability, timeliness, completeness, and accuracy.
Outline a conceptual technology architecture to which the client would transition.
Our solution
A prioritized set of strategic and tactical projects to alleviate pain points.
Step-by-step strategy for moving the client closer to its desired future state.
A forum that united decision-makers across siloed departments to address the institution's needs holistically and empower data-based strategy moving forward.
For the first time, these subject matter experts had a mechanism for reaching an agreement on the conceptual data and technology architecture.
This forum also facilitated consensus on how to leverage a key in-flight stream to gain momentum toward delivering a strategic cloud-based data platform for the region.
Delv provided a much-needed forum for the head data and technology architects from each silo to begin collaborating.
Results we achieved
The solution will radically improve the bank's ability to supply its internal and external stakeholders with timely, accurate, and complete data in an automated manner, and ensure the accuracy of its financial, risk, and regulatory reporting, as well as compliance with BCBS 239.

At the same time, the client has already reduced its reliance on extensive manual data manipulations for certain key processes that were consuming a disproportionate amount of talent within the organization.
Defined solution that would enable better near-real-time view of business performance.
Agreed on a strong foundation for performing advanced analytics.
Freed talent to engage in growth-driving work by decreasing time spent on manual processes.
Delv developed its strategy and recommendations to drive immediate results at the same time as providing a roadmap for future growth.
The solution will allow the client to maintain a better real-time view of its success in executing business strategy, while also providing a foundation to perform advanced analytics and AI/ML with the aim of identifying untapped monetization opportunities.
The follow-up
This tactical stream has also advanced awareness of the requirements and processing rules relating to that data, which will shorten the delivery cycle to move it onto the strategic platform in a future phase.
As a follow-up to the assessment, Delv delivered a key strategic stream to map data into the new common platform. It also delivered a key tactical stream that alleviated pain by semi-automating data aggregation and reporting processes that were previously done manually.
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