Strengthen Your Data Management Program
with Fully Integrated DCAM
Data best practice meets fintech innovation.
Flexible, high-value data consulting and solution design, by financial experts
Vox partners with companies to plan successful data management programs that put agility and scalability first, using DCAM -- the same assessment framework trusted by regulators and over 60% of major financial institutions.
DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) for data management assessment isn't just about data. It's about aligning your culture to bring the meaning and value of your data to the forefront. The DCAM model gives a unified vision across your business, data, and technology functions to provide a comprehensive picture of the health of your organization's data management program. It delivers high business value by strengthening organizations' commitment to widening access to data while lessening dependence on manual workarounds.

A DCAM survey can be used to:
  • Stand up a new data management program;
  • Assess an in-flight data management program;
  • Benchmark your program year-on-year, or against competitors.

DCAM surveys, coupled with an optional 1-2-day DCAM Training, provide organizations with a common language and mindset for understanding data that can accelerate the development of a common data culture.

The data landscape is continuously shifting in response to disruptive technologies.

That's why at Vox, we put agility and scalability at the center of every data management project. We're invested in tackling each of our clients' diverse problems with a fresh perspective and providing precise, evidence-backed action plans to solve their unique data challenges.
We are specialists in finance, with extensive experience delivering transformation for major banks and financial institutions.
Our leadership and senior consultants have spent much of their careers designing and delivering systems, operating models, and data architectures in finance
We are active members of the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC), and are sought-after speakers at industry events regarding data, and have delivered multiple projects around data management, data governance, data architecture, data quality, BCBS 239, and data strategy
Program initiation and delivery
Our core expertise is content-heavy program initiation and delivery. Beyond project management, our business analysts, data analysts, and data quality analysts are second-to-none, with extensive experience across risk, regulatory, finance, and data transformation
Our Cloud expertise allows us to help clients leverage the cost and infrastructure synergies of Cloud in a way that maintains compliance and ensures the privacy and security of their data.
Our DCAM assessments
Our EDMC-licensed consultants are experts in conducting DCAM assessments that identify specific data pain points and opportunities for growth. We define every step of a new or existing data management project to achieve your organization's targets without sacrificing flexibility.
Subject Matter Expertise and Data Requerements
Data Management
Technology Management
Business process
Data to support the Process
Business Data Management
Business Element
Technology Architecture
Data Consumers
Data to support
the Consumer Process
Data Architecture
Data Organization
Application Technology
Design, Build, Run
Data Analytics
Data to Support Business Intelligence
Technical Data Management
Data Element
Used with the permission of the EDM Council.
Data Element
Business Element
We employ DCAM to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our clients' data programs across 7 core competencies.
We highlight where to allocate funds for maximum impact:
Data Management Strategy & Business Case
Data Management Program & Funding Model
Business & Data Architecture
Data & Technology Architecture
Data Quality Management
Data Governance
Data Control Environment
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